Anne Johnson

 Anne is back to life as usual - but with a new outlook!

Working closely with Dr. Sperduto and his team, the Johnsons began a daily ritual of targeted radiation treatment for their young family member.  Every morning for one month, Anne dutifully arrived at the treatment center for a 10-minute procedure that “zapped” an area near her forehead and by each temple.  Then, home again to nap before heading to school in the afternoon.

Though the busy teen acknowledges being slowed down a bit – experiencing some fatigue and nausea during the course of treatment – it didn’t take long for her to re-claim her energy. 


It was the summer of 2005, and Anne Johnson* was about to begin her senior year of high school.  The 17-year old had anything but tumors on her mind.  Little did she know, she had one on her brain. 

Anne’s mom had accompanied her daughter on a visit to her doctor to explore why – late in her teens – Anne had not yet begun menstruating.  What began as a minor concern quickly escalated when a follow-up MRI revealed a small brain mass near her pituitary gland.   “I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” confides Anne. 

In the emotional wake of Anne’s diagnosis, there was great relief in learning that the tumor was not cancerous.  With that fear rectified, the family regrouped to assess the best treatment options for Anne.

An active teen, Anne's treatments didn't keep her
away from the many activities that she enjoys.

“The time went by fast,” she explains, “and the treatment was successful, so the tumor won’t grow anymore.”

To be sure, Anne will have regular check-ups over the course of the next several months, but all signs point to a positive prognosis.  Says the high school senior, now six months since her initial diagnosis: “This experience has given me a new outlook.  I can have a normal life, and I know everything is going to be just fine.”

*Patient is a minor, so her real name is protected for reasons of privacy.

Dean Schuck
Anne Johnson

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